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  1. Census Data
      Provides access to census data.

  2. Embassies (
      Provides information on U.S. embassies and their programs.

  3. Maps With Census Information (Census Bureau)
      Provides information by state.

  4. Maps of States - Worksheets (AbcTeach)
      Provides blank maps of states for filling in. 8-01

  5. Population of the USA
  6. USA (Yahoo)
      Provides a guide to cities, state by state. 11-01

  1. America's Biggest Cities (CNN News)
      "Even the recession didn't drive people away from these five cities, which have the nation's largest populations, according to the 2010 Census." 3-11

  2. Census - Vital Statistics for 1790 to 1960 (GeoStat Census Browser)
      Provides data from 170 through 1960. 1-04

  3. Census - Vital Statistics for 1999 (U.S. Census Bureau)
      Provides a summary for 1999 in terms of pollution, income, population patterns, and more.

  4. Energy Resources of the USA (
      Provides information on the energy resources of the nation. "The United States of America is the world's largest energy producer, consumer, and net importer. It also ranks eleventh worldwide in reserves of oil, sixth in natural gas, and first in coal."

      "For the electric power sector, coal-fired plants accounted for 53% of generation, nuclear 21%, natural gas 15%, hydroelectricity 7%, oil 3%, geothermal and "other" 1%. During the first eight months of 2004, electric power generation rose about 2.2% year-over-year." 10-05

  5. Federal Statistics (Latimer Clarke Corp)
  6. Important Events in the 1900's (
      Provides a year by year account of important events of the 20th century. 2-01

  7. Population Characteristics of the United States (
      Provides the projected population for the 100 largest counties, up to summer of 2005. 03-06


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