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Schools on the Net

  1. Email Pals for Classrooms (ePALS Classroom Exchange)
      "ePALS connects students and teachers from different countries on joint projects pertaining to curriculum and culture via the Internet. ePALS is available in English, French and Spanish."

  2. South African Schools on the Net (Siyafunda Sunday Times)
  1. Schools on the Net Search (American School Directory)
      ASD, the American School Directory, searches for schools by city, state, and country and provides "interactive gateways to each of America's 106,000 K-12 schools." ASD also allows you to find the "ten closest schools to any location" and helps you to find former class-mates. Requires registration. 9-05

  1. School Websites in the USA - Find (
      Provides links to school websites by state and community. Also provides information on state and local education organizations, such as PTA's. 3-00


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