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Net Neutrality

  1. -Editorial: The Need for Network Neutrality (The Nation)
      "The Stevens bill not only proposes to scuttle network neutrality rules but also undermines key policies designed to insure community influence over how broadband networks serve the public interest--including the ability of American soldiers stationed overseas to phone home." 10-06

  2. Court Rules Against "Net Neutrality" (
      "Net neutrality essentially means the status quo. When you, the home internet user, currently turn on your computer and log online, you have paid an Internet service provider a certain amount of money for unrestricted access. You search what you want to search, stream whatever audio or video you wish."

      "Imagine a scenario in which your Internet access paralleled your access to cable television. For your basic fee, you get access to most basic web sites. But now Comcast can restrict which sites you access, and could charge a premium rate for premium access."

      "I, for one, think this scenario isn't just possible, but likely. Providers have been fighting for some time to create preferential pricing models, to get the more aggressive Internet users to pay more for unlimited data. And after Tuesday's decision, if I was in charge of Comcast, I'd already be devising ways to divvy up access, brainstorming how to squeeze more bucks out of more users. You want YouTube? Then order tier 2. Hulu? Tier 3? BitTorrents? Tier 4." 04-10

  3. Editorial: Protecting the Net Is Protecting Free Speech (CNN News)
      "Net neutrality may sound like a technical issue, but it's the key to preserving the internet as we know it -- and it's the most important First Amendment issue of our time." 08-10

  4. Is the Google-Verizon Proposal a Setback for Net Neutrality? (
      "As recently as last week, Google Inc. was generally known as the nation's largest and most vocal advocate of Net neutrality the principle that any bit of data online should be allowed to travel just as fast as any other bit, allowing the high school kid in his bedroom to compete on the same viral playing field as a multinational corporation with a server farm."

      "But that was then, before Google's announcement Monday of a controversial policy proposal with Verizon that would allow for Internet service providers to prioritize data traffic delivered through mobile devices and new premium broadband subscription services." 04-10


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