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  1. 3-D Search (HotBot)
  2. Acrobat Search (HotBot)
  3. Adobe Acrobat Viewer
  4. Audio - Radio 4 (BBC)
      Calls itself "the best channel of the spoken word in the world."

  5. Audio - RealAudio ABC News (Requires RealAudio Player)
  6. Audio - RealAudio National Public Radio (Requires RealAudio Player)
  7. Browser Plug-Ins (Internet World)
  8. Classical Music (Schwob)
      Allows searches and provides generous audio clips.

  9. Java Search (HotBot)
  10. Live Cam Recorders (EarthCam)
      Provides live cams. 10-09

  11. Phone (Vocaltec)
  12. Phone Communication for the Hearing Impaired
  13. Phone and Sound Software
  14. Screensaver News Service (PointCast)
  15. Shockwave Search (HotBot)
  16. VRML Search (HotBot)
  17. VSL: Front Desk master site
  1. Java - What's New with Java (Sun)
      Provides downloads and news. 2-00


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