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Distance Education

Lesson Plans
  1. Physics Online Superstar (U.S. News)
      "He swings around a college lecture hall on a long rope to show how pendulums work. He demonstrates velocity by firing a rifle. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Prof. Walter Lewin has become a global Internet star now that anyone with access to a computer can watch his tough but fun Physics 1, 2, and 3 lectures free of charge. They can even do the homework he assigns his Cambridge techie students (though they won't get the grades or credit). The Netherlands-born Lewin, 71, told U.S.News's Kim Clark that putting his courses online took a lot of work and cost about $100,000óbut was worth it." 08-08

  1. Distance Education Links (Education World)
  2. Distance Education Resources (Eggers)
      Provides an alphabetic listing of resources. 11-99

  3. Funding - Federal Programs and Grants to Support Distance Education (ADEC)
  4. Online College and Career Courses (
      Provides courses by degree level. "Our mission is to help you find the online degree or career school program near you, online course, and online education resources you'll need to achieve your personal goals." 07-07

  5. Online Courses (
      Provides courses by type of resource. "Edvisors online education directory: for students, parents, teachers or anyone working in the field of education. We provide top rated education resources, including college and university search and rankings, graduate schools, study abroad programs, or online degree programs and Education Grants!" 07-07

  6. Online Degrees (
      "Browse over 1000 degree programs from accredited colleges and universities. Further your education entirely online, and get a jump start on your career." 04-07

  7. Online Education Resources and Degrees (
      Provides a listing of online degrees that can be obtained by subject. 11-08

  8. Research and Resources on Distance Education (American Center for the Study of Distance Education)
  1. Association - United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)
  2. Best Online Education for 2009 (U.S. News)
      "Search our directory of schools offering courses, certificates, and degrees via the Internet and other distance-learning media:" 04-09

  3. Distance Education (Australian Correspondence Schools)
      Provides correspondence courses.

  4. Free Online Education (U.S. News)
      "You can finally get that MIT, Yale, or University of Tokyo education you've always wanted without spending a cent. All it takes is an Internet-connected computer and a little familiarity with skills like downloading programs and unzipping files." 08-08

  5. Interior Design Degrees Online (
      Provides a description of online degrees that can be obtained. 06-11

  1. University of Berkeley
Purchase Resources
  1. High School Distance Education (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
      Provides accredited online distance education studies, leading to a diploma for high school through the University of Nebraska's Division of Continuing Studies Independent Study High School. 3-00

  2. University of Phoenix Online (University of Phoenix)
      Provides courses online. Charges fees for classes. 10-01


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