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  1. -01-04-10 Google Builds a Better Browser (
      "But speed stands out as its key differentiator. Independent studies show that Chrome boots up and loads Web pages faster than Explorer or Firefox." 01-10

  2. -01-10-10 Ford Announces New Dashboard LCD (
      "Ford unveiled its brand new plan to go-go-gadget your car, complete with a voice-activated dashboard, USB ports, an 8-in. touchscreen and thumb-wheel controls. (Basically, it's a giant iPhone with wheels.)" 01-10

  3. -01-24-10 Causal Relationship Between Exercise and Brain Health? (ABC News)
      "The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and conducted by the U.S. National Institute on Aging in Maryland, found that running led to the growth of new brain cells and improved performance." 01-10

  4. -01-27-10 Apple's New iPad (
      "Yes, the iPad is a ginormous iPod Touch with a tweaked UI, but it's still pretty cool. It's surprisingly lightweight and the screen is just as responsive as the one on the iPhone and iPod Touch. What's more impressive than the large 9.7-inch touch-screen is the speed with which Web pages get rendered and how well it's able to scale existing iPhone apps to double their size." 01-10

  5. -01-28-10 Apple's New iPad (
      "The 9.7-inch touch-screen device, which will let users play games, check email and read books, presents a major challenge to the media, publishing and wireless industries. For Mr. Jobs, it is an attempt to convince consumers they need yet another gadget—one between their mobile phones and laptop computers." 01-10

  6. -02-16-10 Why Google Wants Faster Internet Speeds (
      "In a blog post on Feb. 10, Google product managers Minnie Ingersoll and James Kelly laid out the company's plan to provide as many as 500,000 people in a small number of locales with fiber-optic Internet connections capable of one gigabit per second (Gbps), more than 100 times faster than the typical U.S. broadband connection speed today." 02-10

  7. -02-16-10 Why Silicon Valley Is No Longer King (
      "The furor surrounding Google's bombshell announcement that it was contemplating withdrawing from business in China has centered on long-simmering issues of privacy, government control, and censorship." 02-10

  8. -03-22-10 Google Moves from China to Hong Kong (New York Times)
      "Just over two months after threatening to leave China because of censorship and intrusions by Chinese hackers, Google said Monday that it was closing its China-based Internet search service and instead directing Chinese users to a Hong Kong-based uncensored version of its search engine, which may get blocked in mainland China." 03-10

  9. -06-28-08 Review of iPhone 4 (
      "The Retina Display is a revelation to behold. Aside from the glass back piece and the steel band, the display is the first thing you notice. It's what attracts strangers to saunter on over from the other side of the bar to verify with their own eyes what they think it is that I have. Images, text, colors and everything in between pop off the screen from any angle. The pixel density is absolutely bonkers. Text rendering is silky smooth and watching HD content is a pleasure." 06-10

  10. -07-22-10 Your Handwriting as a Font (
      " allows you to turn your handwriting into a font using your computer's webcam." Awesome Library does not endorse this product but provides it as an example. 07-10

  11. -07-27-10 Apple Hold on iPhones Successfully Challenged (New York Times)
      "The Library of Congress, which has the power to define exceptions to an important copyright law, said on Monday that it was legal to bypass a phone’s controls on what software it will run to get 'lawfully obtained' programs to work." 07-10

  12. -07-27-10 Convert a Photo into Wall Art (New York Times)
      "Some companies offer the option to print onto a stretched canvas. The effect is instant art, ready to be hung." 07-10

  1. -Microsoft Introduces "Windows Mobile 7" for Cell Phones (CBS News)
      "The software, which was unveiled Monday at the Mobile World Congress, is a dramatic change from previous generations of the software that used to be called Windows Mobile. But Microsoft is, for now, sticking to its model of making the software and selling it to phone manufacturers, rather than making its own phones." 02-10


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