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  1. -05-14-08 How Our Virtual World Influences Our Real World (
      "I didn't realize how instructive my sister's question was until recently, when I discovered research being done at Stanford University's Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL). Jeremy Bailenson, head of the lab and an assistant professor of communication at Stanford, studies the way self-perception affects behavior. No surprise that what we think about ourselves affects the confidence with which we approach the world. What is a surprise is that this applies in the virtual world too. With my plain Jane avatar and my inexperience in Second Life, I did what most people would want to do in an uncomfortable social situation: run away." 05-08

  2. -04-05-08 New Websites for Kids Growing Fast (US News)
      "Maybe it's the desire to protect our children from the ravages of unfettered Web surfing. Or maybe it's the $350 million that Disney paid last year to buy Club Penguin, a site popular with the preteen set. Whatever the motive, online sites and services aimed at tweens and younger are bouncing up faster than a 6-year-old on a sugar high." 04-08

  3. -06-30-08 Microsoft to Stop Selling XP (
      "Microsoft Corp. is scheduled to stop selling its Windows XP operating system to retailers and major computer makers Monday, despite protests from a slice of PC users who don't want to be forced into using XP's successor, Vista." 06-08

  4. -09-01-08 Google Chrome Browser (
      Provides a download for the free Open Source Web browser. 09-08

  5. -09-01-08 Google Chrome Browser (
      Provides a description of the new Open Source Web browser in a comic book format. 09-08

  6. -09-01-08 Google Releases New Web Browser (MSNBC News)
      "Google is releasing its own Web browser [named "Chrome"] in a long-anticipated move aimed at countering the dominance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and ensuring easy access to its market-leading search engine." 09-08

  7. -Editorial: Bill Gates, Genius and Fool (
      "Bill Gates, who for years was the richest man in the world, is also one of the smartest. But even he couldn't figure out how to beat the Internet how to transition his grand old monopoly software company, Microsoft, into a business that thrives on the Net. And so he begins his retirement today from Microsoft as the PC era's biggest winner, and the Web era's most spectacular casualty." 06-08


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