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  1. 01-25-03 International Internet Attack Stopped (
      "A fast-spreading, virus-like infection dramatically slowed Internet traffic Saturday, overwhelming the world's digital pipelines and interfering with Web browsing and e-mail delivery." 1-03

  1. Chip Breakthrough by Intel (
      Describes a much smaller transistor developed by Intel, making much faster and smaller computers possible. 6-01

  2. Chips - IBM Announces New Silicon Chip Breakthrough (CNET)
      Describes a new method for making computer chips much faster and use less power. 6-01

  3. DNA-Based Computer (BBC News)
      Describes a new nanocomputer developed at the Weizmann Institute in Israel by Professor Ehud Shapiro. A trillion of the computers will fit in a standard test tube. 11-01

  4. Fastest Computer Now From Japan (International Herald Tribune - Markoff)
      Describes a new computer for climate monitoring that was developed in Japan.

  5. Microsoft Announces Visual Studio.Net ( - Knorr)
      Announces new Web tools from Microsoft. 2-02

  6. Skycars (MSNBC News)
      Describes the current development of cars that can be driven in the air as an alternative form of transportation. 5-03

  7. Smart Tags - New Microsoft Offering on XP Version (NewsFactorNetwork - McNeill)
      Describes Microsoft's new Smart Tags, included in its XP version of Office and Windows. In Office XP, Smart Tags will be active. In Windows XP, the user will need to turn Smart Tags on. Smart Tags allow Microsoft to place its choice of links to any word it wishes on anyone's Web pages or documents, without the authors' permission. For example, Microsoft could sell the word "education" so that every time a user of XP finds the word on anyone's Web pages or documents, the word "education" would link to Microsoft's customer. 6-01


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