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  1. Christian - For Teens and Their Parents ( - Hill)
      Provides activities, services, and other resources to help teens and their parents practice their Christian faith. 7-00

  1. -08-23-07 Amazing Confessions of Mother Teresa (
      "Come Be My Light is that rare thing, a posthumous autobiography that could cause a wholesale reconsideration of a major public figure — one way or another. It raises questions about God and faith, the engine behind great achievement, and the persistence of love, divine and human. That it does so not in any organized, intentional form but as a hodgepodge of desperate notes not intended for daylight should leave readers only more convinced that it is authentic — and that they are, somewhat shockingly, touching the true inner life of a modern saint." 07-07

  2. Beliefs in Heaven: An Anglican Bishop's View (
      "N.T. 'Tom' Wright is one of the most formidable figures in the world of Christian thought. As Bishop of Durham, he is the fourth most senior cleric in the Church of England and a major player in the strife-riven global Anglican Communion; as a much-read theologian and Biblical scholar he has taught at Cambridge and is a hero to conservative Christians worldwide for his 2003 book The Resurrection of the Son of God, which argued forcefully for a literal interpretation of that event."

      "It therefore comes as a something of a shock that Wright doesn't believe in heaven — at least, not in the way that millions of Christians understand the term." 02-08

  3. Has Noah's Ark Been Found? (ABC News)
      "A team of Texas archaeologists believe they may have located the remains of Noah's Ark in Iran's Elburz mountain range.'' 06-06

  4. Josephus (
      "Josephus (37 – sometime after 100 AD/CE)[1], who became known, in his capacity as a Roman citizen, as Flavius Josephus[2], was a 1st-century Jewish historian and apologist of priestly and royal ancestry who survived and recorded the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70. His works give an important insight into first-century Judaism."

      "He makes references to the Sadducees, Jewish High Priests of the time, Pharisees and Essenes, the Herodian Temple, Quirinius' census and the Zealots, and to such figures as Pontius Pilate, Herod the Great, Agrippa I and Agrippa II, John the Baptist, James the brother of Jesus, and a disputed reference to Jesus. He is an important source for studies of immediate post-Temple Judaism (and, thus, the context of early Christianity)." 05-07

  5. Josephus on Jesus (
      "In 93, the Jewish historian Josephus published his work Antiquities of the Jews. The extant copies of this work, which all derive from Christian sources, even the recently recovered Arabic version, contain two passages about Jesus. The one directly concerning Jesus has come to be known as the Testimonium Flavianum, and its authenticity has been disputed since the 17th century. The other passage mentions Jesus as the brother of James, also known as James the Just. The authenticity of this latter passage has been disputed by Emil Schürer as well by several recent popular writers." 05-07

  1. "Judas" Text Discovered (ABC News)
      "It is a mystery 2,000 years in the making, buried in the desert and fueled by centuries of debate and doubt, theft and deceit. The question: Was there ever a Gospel according to Judas? And if there was, what did it reveal?

      "The mystery began to unravel almost 30 years ago, according to a new National Geographic Channel documentary." 04-06

  2. "Judas" Text Discovered (
      "After 1,700 years, the Gospel of Judas is lost no more. And the twisting tale of the document itself is nearly as surprising as the story it tells." 04-06

  3. -07-21-07 Tammy Faye Dies (CNN News)
      "Tammy Faye Messner, the former televangelist and Christian singer who battled drug addiction and later inoperable cancer, died Friday morning, CNN's Larry King said Saturday night. He said the family had asked him to make the delayed announcement." 07-07

  4. Baptism (
      "Today, baptism is most readily identified with Christianity, where it symbolizes the cleansing (remission) of sins, and the union of the believer with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection so that he becomes one of Christ's Faithful. The Christian ritual of baptism traces back to John the Baptist, who the Bible says baptized Jesus in the Jordan River. Baptism among Christians is performed by sprinkling, pouring or full immersion." 01-06

  5. Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity - A Guide (BBC News)
      Provides a map and description of the sacred site. 4-02

  6. Christianity by Country (
      "As of the early 21st century, Christianity has around 2.2 billion adherents[6][7][8]. Christianity represents about a quarter to a third of the world's population and Christianity is the largest religion in the world with approximately 38,000 Christian denominations[9]. Christians have composed about 33 percent of the world's population for around 100 years. The largest Christian denomination is the Roman Catholic Church, with 1.166 billion adherents, representing half of all Christians." 09-10

  7. Four Square (International Church of the Four Square Gospel)
      Provides the official Four Square Website. 12-04

  8. Holy Spirit (
      "Christians believe it is the Holy Spirit who leads people to faith in Jesus and the one who gives them the ability to lead a Christian life. The Spirit dwells inside every true Christian, each one's body being His temple (First Epistle to the Corinthians 3:16)." 01-06

  9. Is Hell Dead? (
      Pastor Rob Bell's book "sheds light not only on enduring questions of theology and fate but also on a shift within American Christianity."

      "Bell insists he is only raising the possibility that theological rigidity — and thus a faith of exclusion — is a dangerous thing." 04-11

  10. Possible Noah's Ark Located (ABC News)
      "A satellite image may launch a scientific expedition to search for Noah's Ark. The snapshot captures a mysterious object on Turkey's Mount Ararat." 03-06

  11. Psalm 23 (
      Provides the words to the 23rd Psalm of the Bible. 9-04

  12. Rapture Index (
      "The Rapture Index has two functions: one is to factor together a number of related end time components into a cohesive indicator, and the other is to standardize those components to eliminate the wide variance that currently exists with prophecy reporting." "The Rapture Index is by no means meant to predict the rapture, however, the index is designed to measure the type of activity that could act as a precursor to the rapture."

      "You could say the Rapture index is a Dow Jones Industrial Average of end time activity, but I think it would be better if you viewed it as prophetic speedometer. The higher the number, the faster we're moving towards the occurrence of pre-tribulation rapture." 12-04

  13. Sin (
      "Sin has been a term most usually used in a religious context, and today describes any lack of conformity to the will of God; especially, any willful disregard for the norms revealed by God is a sin." 01-06

  14. War and Christianity - Defining a Just War (PBS Now)
      Provides opinions from a Christian scholar, Rev. J. Bryan Hehir, on what conditions must be met for a war to be just. 1-02

  15. World's Oldest Bible Goes Online (CNN News)
      "The oldest known surviving copy of the New Testament gets the modern touch Thursday when parts of it go online for the first time."

      "The British Library plans to begin publishing the Codex Sinaiticus, a 4th century text handwritten in Greek, on its Web site. The Gospel of Mark and the Book of Psalms go online Thursday. The full manuscript is to be online in a year." 07-08

  16. World's Oldest Bible Goes Online (CNN News)
      "The world's oldest known Christian Bible goes online Monday -- but the 1,600-year-old text doesn't match the one you'll find in churches today."

      "The New Testament books are in a different order, and include numerous handwritten corrections -- some made as much as 800 years after the texts were written, according to scholars who worked on the project of putting the Bible online. The changes range from the alteration of a single letter to the insertion of whole sentences."

      "And some familiar -- very important -- passages are missing, including verses dealing with the resurrection of Jesus, they said." 07-08

  1. Christian - For Kids and Teens (Christian Links for Kids and Teens - Belleville)
      Provides devotional activities, services, games, and other resources to help kids and teens practice their Christian faith. 7-00

  1. Christian Coloring Book (Eden Communications)
      Provides worksheets for coloring. 12-99


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