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Tibetan Buddhism

  1. Buddhism (WWW Virtual Library)
  1. Ram Bahadur Bomzon (BuddhaBoyinNepal)
      Provides a video of the teenager in Nepal who has sat in meditation for a reported six months without food or water. Also spelled Bamjan or Bomjan 02-06

  1. Buddhist Philosophy of Science (Kukula)
      "Science is the cornerstone of the European-American culture that has transformed the entire globe over the last few centuries. Buddhism is a deeply rooted religious tradition of Asia, now emerging as a powerful global voice. Science and Buddhism both address the nature of human experience, but in quite different ways. Science elaborates and refines a collection of interconnected theories, facts, procedures, and equipment, constituting an ever more powerful tool for working with and in the world. Buddhism focusses more on the mind and how our way of thinking affects our experience." 6-05

  2. Dalai Lama Meets With Muslims (CBS News)
      "The Dalai Lama urged religious leaders Saturday to reach out to Muslims, saying Islam is a compassionate faith that has been unfairly maligned because of a few extremists." 04-06

  3. Dalai Lama Peace Message on March 10 (Awesome Library)
      Provides a message for world peace from H.H. the Dalai Lama of Tibet, Nobel Peace Laureate. Visitors sometimes misspell as Dali, Dale, or Dalie. 3-02


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