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Sac and Fox

  1. Jim Thorpe, Great Athlete (CNN News)
      "Thorpe, the Native American from rural Oklahoma who in the early years of the 20th century became the greatest athlete in the world, died in 1953." 08-10

  2. Sac and Fox Nation of Iowa (Healy)
      "The peace chief is an hereditary title passed from father to son. His job was to settle disputes within the tribe and to be in charge of discussions at all council meetings. The war chief was selected whenever there was a military campaign, from amongst the bravest and most able of the tribe's warriors. He would be in charge of council meetings whenever war oriented topics were discussed. The third tribal leader, not symbolized in the flag, was the ceremonial leader or shaman. The shaman was the keeper of the religious rites and instructed others in the various rituals of the tribe." 10-04

  3. Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma (Healy)
      "As a great warrior, Black Hawk is honored as a man of principle and honesty who cared for what was right for his people. Jim Thorpe in his own life had to overcome adversity to achieve greatness, had it taken away from him, yet continued on, never giving up. These two men are great ideals for the Sac & Fox to emulate and honor on their seal and flag." 10-04


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