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  1. Pequot Indians (
      "Following the Pequot War, the English sought to eliminate the surviving tribal members by selling some into slavery and attaching the remainder to the neighboring Mohegans, Narragansetts, and Niantics. The effort did not succeed, however, and within twenty years two distinct groups emerged: one, under the leadership of Cassacinamon, eventually became today's Mashantucket (Western) Pequots; the other, under Harmon Garrett, was called the Paucatuck (Eastern) Pequots. The subsequent history of the Pequots is the history of these two tribes." 04-06

  2. Pequot Indians (
      "It appears that the Pequot and the Mohegan people were originally one tribe which split into two some time around the beginning of the 16th Century. After the separation of the tribes, the Pequot still numbered about 3,000 people." 04-06

  3. Pequot Indians History (
      "The name 'Mohegan' probably originally referred to a particular Pequot clan, which eventually fought its way to control of the Pequot Nation. Today, however, it is used as a broad rubric referring to several originally distinct eastern tribes: the Pequot, the Montauk (Metoac), the Narragansett, the Shinnecock, the Niantic, and the Nipmuc, among others. This would all be confusing enough without James Fenimore Cooper's book 'Last of the Mohicans,' which incorrectly merges the Mahicans and Mohegans into a single, extinct tribe. In fact neither group is extinct, and though they are kinfolk, the similarity between their names is due to coincidence and European mispronunciation--'Mahican' comes from the word Muheconneok, meaning 'people of the Hudson River,' and 'Mohegan' comes from the word Mahiingan, 'wolf.' Today there are about 5000 Mohegan Indians in southern New England, counting the Pequots, Montauks, and Narragansetts together, and another 3000 Mahicans." Sometimes misspelled as Piquat. 04-06


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