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  1. Cherokee (Human Languages Page)
  2. Cherokee Language (Apacheria)
      Provides basic language lessons. 7-00

  3. Cherokee Nation News (
      Provides news. 9-04

  4. Cherokee Nation News (
      Provides news. 9-04

  5. Cherokee or Tsalagi Language (
      Provides resources on the language, history, and culture of the Cherokee."

      " 'Cherokee' is Creek for 'people with another language'. (It's really amazing how white settlers always managed to learn some other tribe's name for any group of Indians. They learned the Creek word for Cherokee, but not the Creek word for themselves.) Anyway, our original name for ourselves was Aniyunwiya, but Cherokee is fine too (though we say it Tsalagi--there's no R in our language). There are about 350,000 Cherokee people today, primarily in Oklahoma and North Carolina." 10-05


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