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Supporting Diversity

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  2. Multicultural Training
Lesson Plans
  1. Multiculturalism and the Law (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute)
      Provides 15 lessons related to equity, the law, and the role of culture.

  1. Equity Center (NWREL)
  2. Equity Resources
  3. Social Inequality (Trinity University - Kearl)
      Provides essays and data on social and economic inequality in the United States. 11-99

  1. Eagle Scouts Return Medals (CNN News)
      "The protest is the latest sign of unrest in the century-old organization after its announcement in July that it would not change its policy of 'not granting membership to open or avowed homosexuals.' " 08-12

  2. Educate America - A Call for Equity in School Reform
  3. Equity and Assessment (NCREL)
      Provides articles with suggestions to improve equity in assessments. 7-99

  4. Quotas - Bush and Military Disagree on Affirmative Action (CNN)
      "The Supreme Court is expected to rule any day now in the biggest affirmative action case in a decade. And as CBS News Correspondent Wyatt Andrews reports, President Bush and the U.S. military are weighing in on opposite sides of the issue."

  5. Quotas - U.S. Supreme Court to Decide on Affirmative Action for College Students (USA Today)
      "About 15% of the first year Michigan law students are minorities. The Supreme Court was told that without diversity considerations, the number of minorities in a freshman class could plunge to less than .04%."

  6. Rice, Connie - Biography (PBS)
      "Connie Rice, co-director of The Advancement Project, is known for her success in tackling problems of inequity and exclusion. She has received more than 50 major awards for her work in expanding opportunity and advancing multi-racial democracy."

      "Rice is a co-founder of The Advancement Project, a public policy and legal action group that supports organizations working to end community problems and address racial, class and other barriers to opportunity." 2-04


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