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  1. Identifying Countries and Other Information (
      Provides quizzes to identify countries, states, and other geography through simple maps.

Lesson Plans
  1. Flags (National Geographic Society)
      Provides lessons on flags and belonging, by general grade level. 11-01

  2. Geography (Education World - Hopkins)
      Provides twenty-five activities for teaching geography.

  1. Maps (Awesome Library)
  1. Capitals Worldwide (
      Provides flash cards to help learn captals and other key geographic information. 10-04

  2. Geography Clip Art (Miningco - Rosenberg) 2-01
  1. Capitals and Other Information on Each State (Weber Publications)
      Includes a great deal of basic information on each state such as geography, legislature, flag, motto, bird, flower, motto, nickname, and so forth. Also has a link to the capital of each state. 10-00

  2. Countries Ranked by Land Area (
      Provides a list of countries, ranked in order of size.

  3. Countries Ranked by Population Density (
      Provides a list of countries, ranked in order of density of population.

  1. Geography Game on Locations (Education Place)
      Provides a game for children to help them learn about locations within the USA. 10-09

  1. Map of the USA (
      Provides a map for coloring. 9-01


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