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  1. -03-18-03 Rounding Up Iraqis in America (CBS News)
      "In a sweeping wave of interrogations beginning with the start of war, the bureau will visit over 10,000 Iraqi nationals living in the U.S. including 'students,' 'defectors,' 'permanent residents,' 'visitors' and even a few recently-naturalized U.S. citizens." 3-03

  2. 02-11-03 CIA and FBI Report Strong Threats (
      "Tenet said intelligence reports pointed to possible use of a "dirty bomb," a device that uses conventional explosives to contaminate an area with radioactive material."

      "The chilling accounts provided by Tenet and Mueller were the latest in a series of warnings by the government, which earlier this week urged citizens to stock their homes with essential supplies, including water, in the event of an attack." 2-03

  3. 02-17-03 Gas Masks Fail in Cities (CBS News - Andrews)
      "In a government test developed after Sept. 11, either mustard or sarin gas penetrated every major mask, except one used in only a handful of cities."

      "In the age of 'orange' terrorism alerts, the failure of the masks is shocking news." "It could be years before masks that can handle poison gas reach the teams that need them. But today rescue teams on high alert for the next attack could face the unheard of order to hold back." 2-03

  4. 04-30-03 Terrorist Attacks Decline Sharply (CBS News)
      "International terrorist attacks declined sharply in 2002 and the number of anti-U.S. attacks dropped as well, the State Department reported Wednesday."

      "The United States again branded seven countries Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria and Sudan as sponsors of terrorism." 4-03

  5. 05-02-03 Increase in Domestic Spying Powers Requested (CBS News - Reynolds)
      "The FBI now has primary responsibility for domestic intelligence operations, and at present, the CIA and Defense Department must go to the FBI to request a 'national security letter' to get access to financial and electronic records."

      "The administration feels that giving the CIA and military direct authority to demand the records would cut down on the time needed for investigations and provide more flexibility in the war against terrorism, according to a senior Congressional official."

      "Administration officials said the proposal would not give the CIA and DOD access to any information they cannot already get through the FBI, while an American Civil Liberties Union official called the proposal 'dangerous and un-American.' "

      "Democrats and civil liberties advocates say the FBI is subject to guidelines and judicial oversight that would not apply to the CIA and Department of Defense." 5-03

  6. 05-08-03 India Rejects Pakistan's Offer of No Nukes (CNN News)
      "India's prime minister has rejected Pakistan's offer of mutual nuclear disarmament, but told his parliament that 'friendship with Pakistan' was in both nations' best interests." 5-03

  7. 07-06-03 North Korea Going Nuclear (Washington Times)
      "The CIA has revised an earlier intelligence estimate and now believes North Korea has begun reprocessing spent nuclear-fuel rods into plutonium for weapons, U.S. officials said.

      Reprocessing the 8,000 stored nuclear fuel rods would be a key indicator that Pyongyang has abandoned past commitments to freeze its nuclear-arms program." 7-03

  8. 09-05-03 Threats of New Attacks in September 2003 (CNN News)
      "A Department of Homeland Security advisory issued Thursday warns that al Qaeda is working on plans to hijack airliners flying between international points that pass near or over the continental United States."

      "A department official said most of the flights fitting this description originate in Canada, and that U.S. officials have been working with Canada over the past month to ensure it is improving screening and other security measures." 9-03

  9. 1-11-03 Atomic Agency Challenges Bush's Key Claim Against Iraq (International Herald Tribune)
      "The key piece of evidence that President George W. Bush has cited as proof that Saddam Hussein has sought to revive his program to make nuclear weapons has been challenged by the International Atomic Energy Agency."

      "But Mohamed ElBaradei, director of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, offered a sharply different assessment in a report to the UN Security Council. ElBaradei said Iraqi officials had claimed that they sought the tubes to make 81-mm rockets. ElBaradei indicated that he thought the Iraqi claim was credible." 1-03

  10. 11-10-03 Supreme Court to Rule on Guantanamo Prisoners (BBC News)
      "The US Supreme Court is to hear appeals by Afghan war detainees at the US military's Guantanamo Bay camp in Cuba." 11-03

  11. 12-22-03 Security Alert Raised to "High" (
      "Travelers by air, land and sea faced heightened security Monday as the nation steeled itself against a possible grandiose terrorist attack that government officials say al-Qaeda has signaled could be imminent." 12-03

  12. 12-29-03 Libya Years Away from Nuclear Capacity (CBS News)
      "The U.N. nuclear chief said Monday that his visits to four once-secret nuclear sites proved that Libya was in the early stages of a weapons program before it dismantled its efforts."

      "The inspections follow Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's admission that his country had been seeking to produce weapons of mass destruction and his decision to abandon the program." 12-03

  13. 12-30-30 Special Prosecutor Named in CIA Leak Case (
      "The Bush administration named a U.S. attorney from Chicago as a special prosecutor to uncover who leaked the name of an undercover CIA operative to the news media as Attorney General John Ashcroft removed himself from the case." 12-03

  14. Review of the USA Patriot Act ( - Johnson and Locy)
      "Fewer than 50 people had been detained by U.S. authorities as material witnesses as of January in the terrorism probe that began after the Sept. 11 terrorism attacks, the Justice Department reported Tuesday." 5-03


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