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Science 2003

  1. 07-24-03 Scientists Bore Into Ice Over 100,000 Years Old (BBC News)
      "Scientists have drilled through the central Greenland ice cap, obtaining an ice core that records climate data for the past 120,000 years." 7-03

  2. 08-10-03 Chimpanzee or New Ape? (CNN News - Walton)
      "From a remote region in the heart of Africa to a genetics lab at the Omaha Zoo, scientists are trying to find out if they have a new big ape on their hands."

      " 'Discovering any new primate is a huge thing, a new ape would be incredible,' said Ed Louis, conservation geneticist at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska."

      "Williams also has a fascinating anecdote from a longtime resident of the region, an 84-year-old Norwegian Baptist missionary known as 'Madame Liev.' "

      " 'Years ago, she was driving an old truck and one of these apes walked by in front of her. It was walking bipedally (upright) and was taller than her, and she's six feet tall,' " Williams said. 8-03

  3. 10-20-03 Electricity from Water (BBC News)
      "A new way to generate electricity from water which could be used to power small electronic devices in the future has been developed by Canadian scientists." 10-03

  1. Scientists Turn DNA Tubes into Nanowires (Scientific American)
      "Scientists have recruited DNA to manufacture minuscule wires that could be used for nanoscale electronic devices." 1-04


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