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Astronomy 2003

  1. -Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster News (Yahoo)
      Provides updates on findings from the break up of the Columbia. 2-03

  2. -News on Spirit and Opportunity Rovers (NASA)
      Provides news on the two American rovers sent to Mars. 1-04

  3. 02-01-03 Astronauts of the Space Shuttle Columbia (BBC News)
      Seven astronauts were killed in the explosion. Provides pictures and short profiles of each of the seven. 2-03

  4. 02-01-03 Space Shuttle Columbia (BBC News)
      Provides a diagram and a history of the Columbia space shuttle. 2-03

  5. 02-01-03 Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster (Awesome Library)
      Provides news and information regarding the space shuttle Columbia and her crew. 2-03

  6. 02-02-03 Shuttle Replacement Unlikely ( - Crenson)
      "NASA is extremely unlikely to build a new space shuttle to replace Columbia, according to experts, leaving the space agency with the three remaining orbiters as its entire fleet for the foreseeable future." 2-03

  7. 02-05-03 Astronauts of the Space Shuttle Columbia (NASA)
      Provides pictures and profiles of the seven astronauts of the Columbia Space Shuttle. "If you find any debris, please call the Johnson Space Center Emergency Operations Center, (281) 483-3388 " 2-03

  8. 02-05-03 Experiments in Space - A Legacy of the Space Shuttle Columbia ( - Knight)
      "Much of the scientific research conducted during the shuttle Columbia's last mission was lost with the lives of its seven crew members." "But not all their work was destroyed. 'Some of it was down-linked to the ground prior to re-entry,' says Ron Dittemore, space shuttle program director. 'Some of it will be their legacy.' " 2-03

  9. 06-01-03 Europe Sends Probe to Mars (BBC News)
      "The race to find life on Mars is set to begin on Monday with the launch of Europe's first voyage to another planet." 6-03

  10. 07-12-03 Oldest Planet "Mind-Boggling" (ABC News)
      "Astronomers have discovered the oldest known planet, a primeval world 12.7 billion years old that will force them to reconsider how and when planets form. The discovery raises the prospect that life may have begun far sooner than most scientists ever imagined. A leading planet-formation expert not involved in the work called the discovery mind-boggling." 7-03

  11. 08-04-03 Mars Rover Expedition (CNN)
      "A NASA robot packed with eight cameras, geology instruments and super-rugged wheels roared into space on Tuesday, one of three missions headed to Mars this summer during the most favorable cosmic conditions in centuries."

      "Their geologic studies, scheduled to last three months, are designed to find physical evidence of water activity on Mars from billions of years ago, when the planet was thought to have been wetter and warmer -- and possibly inhabited by microbes."

      "Like surfers who have been waiting for the big wave, the spacecraft are riding to the red planet as Mars and Earth make their nearest pass to each other since prehistoric times."

      "A closer approach won't take place until 2287, according to Sky & Telescope Magazine." 8-03

  12. 08-24-03 Mars Closest Ever ( - Vergano)
      "On Aug. 28, the day after the closest passage, the alignment of the sun, Earth and Mars will be perfectly straight."

      "But this week, the two planets pass as close as they ever get 34.6 million miles (34,646,418.5 miles, to be precise) instead of the usual distance of about 60 million miles, says astronomer Myles Standish of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory." 8-03

  13. 12-23-03 Beagle 2 Sets Down on Mars (
      "Early Christmas morning, London time, a 70-pound British spacecraft, launched last June aboard a Russian rocket and hitchhiking behind a sophisticated European Space Agency orbital vehicle, is set to touch down on the surface of Mars. The lander, named the Beagle 2 -- in honor of the sailing ship that transported Charles Darwin on his historic voyage to the Galapagos Islands in 1831 -- represents an ingenious but daring entry in what is becoming a race to explore the red planet and establish once and for all whether it ever has harbored living organisms." 12-03

  14. 12-26-03 Beagle 2 Silent, But Orbiter Successful (CNN News)
      "Even though a Mars probe has failed to signal it has landed, scientists at the European Space Agency said on Friday the primary mission goal to put a satellite in orbit around Mars was achieved."

      "After a six-month, 100 million-km (63 million-mile) journey from Earth to look for signs of life on the planet, the Mars Express will circle the planet on an orbit between 250 km and 12,000 km."

      "It will study the surface of the planet, its geology, its weather, and also analyse the atmosphere and its gravity." 12-03

  15. 12-31-03 Stardust to be Collected from Comet (International Herald Tribune)
      "On Jan. 2, the Stardust spacecraft is scheduled spend 12 hours studying the comet Wild 2 -- pronounced Vilt-2 -- after a five-year journey to the far side of the Sun, 242 million miles (389 million kilometers) from Earth. During the flyby, scientists hope it will collect cometary material and stow them in a reentry capsule to be sent Earthward later." 12-03

  16. Guide to Mars Mission (NASA)
      Provides a guide to the Spirit mission to Mars.

  17. Poll - Most Support Manned Space Program (
      "Despite the loss of the shuttle Columbia and its seven-person crew, most Americans believe the manned space program should continue." 2-03

  18. Where Spirit and Opportunity Are Now in Mission to Mars (NASA)
      Provides a computer simulation of the flights of the two Mars rovers. 12-03


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