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Astronomy 2002

  1. 05-15-02 Mars May Have Underground Water (CNN)
      Summarizes the finding of vast amounts of amounts of hydrogen under the ground surface on Mars. This probably means that Mars has vast amounts of water.

  1. Dramatic New Evidence of a Planet in Another Solar System (The Scotsman)
      "Astronomers said there was an 'odds-on' chance of intelligent life in space after new observations produced the best evidence yet of planets circling stars outside our solar system."

      "A team led by the UK Astronomy Technology Centre (ATC) in Edinburgh announced yesterday that they had found the dusty wake of a Saturn-like planet around one of the brightest stars in the sky."

      Professor Ian Robson said that the new tool used, with specially-cooled camera called SCUBA, 'will revolutionize our search for evidence of planetary systems.' "10-02


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