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Astronomy 2001

  1. Geminid Meteor Showers (NASA)
      Describes the Geminid meteorite shower, which can be seen in early December. 11-01

  2. New Planets Discovered (CNN - Space)
      Describes the discovery of 11 new planets outside of our solar system. One is in the "habitable" zone for life as we know it. 4-01

  3. Planet Discovered in "Life" Zone (CNN - Stenger)
      Describes planet found in another solar system that is the correct distance from its sun to support life on one of its moons. 5-01

  4. Solar Flare - Largest Recorded (CNN - Space)
      Describes the largest flare from the sun that has ever been recorded. 4-01

  5. Speed of Light May Be Changing (New Scientist)
      Provides a summary of research that shows that the speed of light, one of the most important constants in physics and astronomy, is changing. 8-01

  6. Water May Flow on Mars (BBC News - Whitehouse)
      Shows pictures that suggest that water may have flowed on the surface of Mars recently. 6-01


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