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Presidential Election 2008

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  1. Presidential Election 2008
  1. -04-04-08 Poll: Responses to Obama Speech on Racism (CBS News)
      "Sen. Barack Obama's speech on race this week, in which he discussed his relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his controversial longtime minister, has received largely positive reviews, according to a new CBS News poll."

      "But the percentage of voters who think Obama would unite the country as president has dropped since late February." 04-08

  2. -06-06-07 Democratic Debate: Is America Safer Now? (New York Times)
      "The Bush administrationís efforts to thwart terrorism at home have created a fissure among the three leading Democratic presidential candidates, with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton coming under attack for saying that America is safer now than before 9/11 ó contrary to a popular line of argument among some Democratic officials." 06-07


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