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  1. -01-04-09 Israeli Negotiating With Extreme Prejudice (
      "Besides the psychological pressure created by giving Hamas leaders the impression that Israel is launching an invasion on a scale far greater than the militants had anticipated, the Israeli military also knows that the sweeping ground operation will force Hamas fighters and commanders deployed along the frontline to begin withdrawing deeper into the cities and refugee camps. And those militants will be far more vulnerable to attack when forced out of their hiding places and fortifications. Israel not only has the advantage of air cover and the overview of the battlefield it affords, but will also use its high-tech abilities to operate by night against Hamas forces on home turf." 01-09

  2. -10-13-09 Gaza's Tunnel Economy (
      " 'There is only one economy there's a tunnel economy,' says John Ging, head of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency in the Gaza Strip. 'You have zero exports and zero commercial imports through the [Israeli-controlled] crossing points.' "

      "Under the blockade, Gaza's unemployment rate has become the highest in the world."

      " 'It's accurate to say that the economy has been destroyed. All aspects of the commercial sector are in tatters, including the physical infrastructure,' says the U.N.'s Ging. 'But what we have here is a phenomenal entrepreneurial spirit, and the only thing we need to revive the economy of Gaza is the creation of opportunity, which means lifting the siege.' " 10-09

  1. -Outlook in Gaza Is Grim (
      "Until now, the U.S. has backed an economic blockade of Gaza in the hope of toppling Hamas. Now, the State Department is offering to pump something in the range of $900 million in humanitarian assistance into the enclave, but there is probably no way large amounts of aid money can be distributed in Gaza without, at least indirectly, helping Hamas. No other Palestinian organizations have the infrastructure to put that money to use, and the international agencies that operate there have often found themselves shaken down by Hamas. Given the Islamists' political control of Gaza, there's little prospect of any administrative authority functioning there without the consent of Hamas." 03-09


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