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  1. 07-24-02 Children Hungry in Palestinian Territory (Independent - Huggler)
      A preliminary report from US Agency for International Development (USAID) reveals a humanitarian disaster in Palestinian territory. "The findings say 30 per cent of children under five suffer from chronic malnutrition and 21 per cent from acute malnutrition a massive increase compared to a survey for the same agency in 2000 when the figures were 7.5 per cent and 2.5 per cent respectively."

  2. 11-24-02 U.N. Rejects Israeli Account of British Official's Killing (Independent - Silver)
      "The United Nations dismissed as 'not credible' yesterday an Israeli army claim that Palestinian gunmen fired from inside a UN compound in the West Bank city of Jenin on Friday before its soldiers shot dead Iain Hook, a 52-year-old British relief worker." 11-02

  1. Amnesty International Denounces Palestinian Bombers (Independent - Huggler)
      "Amnesty International has condemned the killing of Israeli civilians in suicide bombings and other attacks by Palestinians as crimes against humanity." "Mr Barghouti crops up in Amnesty's report, which says he told the organisation's delegates that Fatah considers Israeli settlers living inside the West Bank and Gaza legitimate targets, because they are living on occupied land. The report rejects that argument...." 7-02

  2. Arab Ministers Give Bush Middle East Plan (International Herald Tribune)
      "Arab foreign ministers were giving President George W. Bush a detailed plan Thursday for establishing a new Palestinian government - with a written constitution, an elected Parliament and a prime minister - that could be recognized as a state as early as January, according to Arab sources." 7-02

  3. Bush's Middle East Demands (BBC)
      Summarizes President Bush's demands for action in the Middle East when he spoke in June of 2002. The BBC is British. 8-02

  4. Essay - Israelis Keep Palestinians from Essential Medical Aid (BBC News - Westcott)
      Reports complaints by humanitarian and medical workers that Israeli soldiers have prevented Palestinians from gaining life-saving medical attention. According to international law (the Geneva Conventions), such actions by soldiers are war crimes. 4-02

  5. Essay - Palestinian View of Barak's Offer of Land (Gush-Shalom)
      Provides a Palestinian view of Barak's offer of land to Palestinians in exchange for peace. A great deal of controversy surrounds the offer and some of the current conflict between Palestinians and Israelis involves different views of what Barak offered. The offer is not available in written form, so it is difficult to confirm or deny what was offered. 4-02

  6. International Peace-Keeping Force Urged for in Middle East (BBC - Foulkes)
      "The UN Human Rights Commission, meeting in Geneva, has been told that the situation is now so serious that only an international force in the region can bring an end to the violence." 8-02

  7. Israeli Soldier Kills U.N. Worker (Independent)
      "An investigation by the Israeli army found that when Mr Hook emerged from a caravan into the open courtyard of the UN compound, an Israeli soldier mistook the mobile phone he was carrying for a grenade and opened fire on him, the radio reported."

      "It is not clear why the soldier opened fire into a compound clearly marked with UN signs and a blue flag. 'The compound is well-known to Israelis. It is inexcusable to fire into it for any reason,' a UN source said yesterday.' " "The Israeli army was already coming under heavy international criticism over Mr Hook's death after the UN revealed that Israeli soldiers had blocked an ambulance from getting to the relief worker after he was shot, considerably delaying its arrival." 11-02

  8. Israelis Attack Militants Among Civilians (Independent)
      Israeli soldiers attacked Palestinians towns, leaving 12 dead.

      "Palestinian Cabinet Minister Saeb Erekat denounced the Israeli raid as a massacre. 'Every time we witness efforts to revive the peace process and put it back on track, like those being exerted now by Mr Solana, the Israeli government moves to conduct such war crimes and murder innocent civilians because the end game of the Israeli government is to resume full occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank,' Mr Erekat said."

      "Raanan Gissin, an adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, said Palestinian militants were to blame for the high death toll. 'We try to keep civilian casualties to a minimum, but we can't say that because there are civilians there, we will not take action against the terrorists,' he said." 10-02

  9. Pope Supports International Peace-Keeping Force (BBC)
      "Pope John Paul ll has lent his support to the creation of an international peacekeeping force to try to bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." 8-02

  10. Saudis Debate Intolerance by Muslims (International Herald Tribune - MaFarquhar)
      "Prompted by the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States, a cautious debate has begun in Saudi Arabia's closed society over intolerance toward non-Muslims and attitudes toward the West that are now viewed by some as inspiring unacceptable violence." 7-02

  11. Successors to Arafat (BBC)
      Provides profiles of Palestinian leaders who have been considered as possible replacements for Arafat, in case Arafat steps aside as the president. The article mentions Ahmed Qurei, Mahmoud Abbas, Mohammed Dahlan, Jibril Rajoub, Marwan Barghouti, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, and Abdel Sattar Qassem.

  12. Walling Off the Palestinians (BBC News - Hawley)
      Describes the conditions of Palestinians trying to travel between towns in Palestinian territory. 6-02


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