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Hurricanes 2004

  1. Haiti in Crisis from Hurricane Jeanne (MSNBC News)
      "Hungry, thirsty and increasingly desperate residents attacked each other in a panic to get scarce food and water Thursday as workers struggled to bury hundreds of corpses six days after the city was struck by Tropical Storm Jeanne." 9-04

  2. Hurricanes in 2004 (BBC News)
      "As Haiti struggles with the effects of Tropical Storm Jeanne, BBC News Online looks at the latest hurricanes and storms which have battered Central and North America."

      "Jeanne, though not as powerful as other hurricanes this season, has proved to be the deadliest, killing more than 600 people." 9-04

  3. Red Cross Running Out of Funds (CNN News)
      "The American Red Cross says that it is strapped for cash in the wake of the two hurricanes that hit Florida in recent weeks." 9-04


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