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  1. -01-28-11 Mom Jailed in School Residency Case (CNN News)
      "An Ohio mom was sent to jail for sending her kids to a district she allegedly did not live in." 01-11

  1. -01-25-11 Tiger Moms (
      "Chua's reports from the trenches of authoritarian parenthood are indeed disconcerting, even shocking, in their candid admission of maternal ruthlessness. Her book is a Mommie Dearest for the age of the memoir, when we tell tales on ourselves instead of our relatives. But there's something else behind the intense reaction to Tiger Mother, which has shot to the top of best-seller lists even as it's been denounced on the airwaves and the Internet. Though Chua was born and raised in the U.S., her invocation of what she describes as traditional "Chinese parenting" has hit hard at a national sore spot: our fears about losing ground to China and other rising powers and about adequately preparing our children to survive in the global economy." 01-11

  2. -02-25-11 Libya's Uprising Results in Higher Oil Prices (
      "Even before its outcome is known, Libya's uprising could leave an indelible mark on the world economy: oil prices have rocketed since Tuesday and could rise even further amid the continuing turmoil that has prompted thousands of foreign oil workers to flee. Libya's oil output, typically 1.7 million barrels a day, has fallen by more than half since Tuesday, and its energy exports have ground to a complete halt. Worse news still for global oil markets is that there is no knowing when those skilled expatriates whose presence is crucial to the operations of Libya's energy industry might return." 02-11

  3. -07-16-11 California Adds Gay Rights Advocates to History Books (ABC News)
      "Harvey Milk, the first openly-gay man to hold elected office, and Kathy Kozachenko, the first lesbian woman elected to office, will soon join the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Susan B. Anthony in the pages of civil rights history in California."

      "While California’s new law nudges the state’s curriculum in a more liberal direction, standards passed last year in Texas take the Lone Star state down a more conservative path. The two states are the largest textbook buyers in the country." 07-11

  4. -12-07-11 Wheeler, Rachael: Builder of Homes in Haiti (MSNBC News)
      "The 12-year-old Florida resident has done more to aid others than many grown-ups do in a lifetime."

      "Three years ago, when she was only nine, Rachel tagged along with her mother to a very adult meeting about charity work in Haiti. She listened as Robin Mahfood, from the aid agency Food For The Poor, describe children so hungry that they eat cookies made of mud, so poor that they sleep in houses made of cardboard." 12-11


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