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  1. -11-17-04 Bush Nominates Spelling for Education Secretary (
      "President George W. Bush selected domestic policy adviser Margaret Spellings, an education aide when he was governor of Texas, to replace Roderick Paige as the secretary of education."

      "Spellings, if confirmed by the Senate, will take the top education post as schools are seeking to meet minimum standards set by Bush's No Child Left Behind Act. The law requires U.S. public schools to test students each year. The National Education Association, representing 2.7 million teachers, says the rules are 'unworkable' and Bush didn't provide enough money to create and enforce the standards for the nation's 86,000 public schools." 11-04

  2. 06-03-04 Black Children Denied IQ Tests in California (Fox News)
      "The United States may have come a long way in the fight against institutionalized racism but in California, black children are still being denied access to an important educational tool." 7-04


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