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  1. 06-23-03 Supreme Court Upholds Race-Based College Admissions (
      "The U.S. Supreme Court approved race- conscious college admissions, reaffirming a 25-year-old precedent and ensuring that hundreds of top universities can continue using affirmative action to bolster black and Hispanic enrolment." 6-03

  2. 06-25-03 Record Labels Threaten to Sue Swappers (
      "In its most serious crackdown yet on file swapping, the Recording Industry Association of America said it will gather evidence against individuals who trade songs online and slap thousands of them with copyright-infringement lawsuits." 6-03

  3. 12-23-03 Music Industry Piracy Subpoenas Illegal (
      "A federal appeals court in Washington told the record industry Friday it could no longer issue subpoenas to track down and sue alleged file swappers." 12-03


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