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  1. -10-06-10 What Is Killing Bees (CBS News)
      "CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports in each of the past four years about one-third of America's 2.5 million honeybee colonies have been wiped out. University of Montana researcher Jerry Bromenshenk has been searching for the killer. After screening bees for 30,000 disease markers a group of scientists led by Bromenshenk say they have found a probable cause."

      "The kind of virus they discovered is common in other insects but very rarely seen in bees. The virus seems to kill only when the bees are also infected with a parasite, a type of fungus."

      "Bromenshenk said, 'It looks like is that the bees can tolerate either one alone.' But, 'When you combine the two - that tends to become lethal in a hurry.' "

      "That combination may help beekeepers. While there is no way to treat the unusual, new virus, the parasite can be killed by a fungicide. Bromenshenk said beekeepers can 'buy those treatments and apply them.' "

      "As the main pollinator for most fruits and vegetables, honeybees play a vital role in producing about 30 percent of our food. So it's important to all of us that scientists are now closing in on both the cause and the cure of the honeybee die-off." 10-10


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