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Lesson Plans
  1. Propaganda - Analyzing the Use of Propaganda (New York Times - Hambouz and Khan)
      "In this lesson, students analyze the use of propaganda in the war against terrorism, focusing specifically on the attacks in Afghanistan, exploring the distinction between ideas spread to benefit a cause and those spread to damage an opposing cause." 2-02

  2. Propaganda Sources (Donn)
      Provides three dozen sources of lessons on propaganda, media, and public opinion. Helps students look for hidden messages. 2-06

  1. Campaign Ads: The Good and the Bad (
      "A leading pollster looks at why some election ads worked with viewers and others did not." 11-10

  1. Propaganda - How Our Mainstream Media Let Us Down on Iraq ( - Bill Moyers Journal)
      Ahmed Chalabi "was a creature of American propaganda to a large degree. It was a [sic] American company, the Rendon Group, that working secretly with the CIA basically created his organization, the Iraqi National Congress. And put Chalabi in charge basically."

      "What he did was reasonably clever but fairly obvious, which is he gave the same stuff to some reporters that, for one reason or another, he felt would simply report it. And then he gave the same stuff to people in the Vice President's office and in the Secretary of Defense's office. And so, if the reporter called the Department of Defense or the Vice President's office to check, they would've said, 'Oh, I think that's-- you can go with that. We have that, too.' So, you create the appearance, or Chalabi created the appearance, that there were two sources, and that the information had been independently confirmed, when, in fact, there was only one source. And it hadn't been confirmed by anybody." 2-02


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