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Political Parody

  1. -John Oliver Makes Fun of Donald Trump's Mexican Wall (
      "Last night, Oliver spent a new episode of Last Week Tonight doing his impression of the Kool Aid Man, knocking down the wall that the Republican presidential candidate wants to build to separate Mexico and the United States in order to curtail illegal immigration." 03-16

  2. -John Oliver Parodies Donald J. Trump (
      Analyzes Trump's perceived strengths and examines them with human. Language is not suitable for children. 03-16

  3. -John Oliver Parodies the Position of "No Abortions Under Any Circumstances" (
      Analyzes laws regarding abortion. Language is not suitable for children. 03-16

  4. -Jon Stewart Parodies Fox News Coverage of the Constitution (
      Stewart points out the rights that exist under the U.S. Constitution and that Fox commentators do not consider rights for all citizens. 04-13

  5. -Parody and Culture (MSNBC News)
      "Pop culture in political campaigns is nothing new. But itís easy to forget that in 2004, when George W. Bush ran against John Kerry, there was no YouTube. If it seems like pop culture took a more prominent role in this election than ever before, itís largely due to technology that now makes pop culture such a participatory experience." 11-08

  6. -Parody of Gerald Ford by Chevy Chase (
      Provides a video of Chevy Chase playing former president Gerald Ford. 11-08

  7. -Parody of Governor Rick Perry's "Brain Freeze" (CNN News)
      In a Republican debate, Presidential contender Rick Perry forgot the third federal organization he would eliminate. 11-11

  8. -Parody of Katie Couric's Interview with Sarah Palin (Saturday Night Live)
      Provides a video of Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin in a parody of an interview with Katie Couric on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Tina Fey repeats Sarah Palin's words in side-by-side screens. 01-12

  9. -Parody of Sarah Palin Addressing the Country with Hillary Clinton (
      Provides a video of Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin in a parody of her addressing the nation with Amy Poehler playing Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live (SNL). 11-08

  10. -Tina Fey on Sarah Palin (MSNBC News)
      Provides snippets of Tina Fey of Saturday Night Live (SNL) playing Sarah Palin plus additional samples of Sarah Palin on the news. 11-08

  11. -Tina Fey on Sarah Palin with John McCain (Saturday Night Live)
      Provides a video of John McCain's visit to Saturday Night Live. 11-08

  1. -12-20-14 Stephen Colbert Show Ends (
      "Stephen Colbert wrapped up his nine-year run as the host of The Colbert Report on a high note with star-studded musical finale." 12-14

  1. -Colbert: Climate Change Is Real, Let's Give Up (
      "Once you accept the scientific evidence, he suggests, you might feel compelled for a minute to do something about it, but there are just too many people who are profiting off what we are doing now. Plus, it all sounds very hard."

      " 'Sure, I know America beat Tojo, we crushed Hitler, we put a man on the moon. But incrementally reducing C02 emissions? That sounds like a lot of work.' "

      "Colbert has a better idea. Just have another piece of 'cheese cake, crawl in to bed, and wait for death'...." 02-13

  2. Cartoons on Barack Obama 2012 (U.S. News)
      Provides cartoons making fun of Barack Obama for 2012. 02-12

  3. Cartoons on the Republicans 2012 (U.S. News)
      Provides cartoons making fun of the Republican candidates for President. 02-12

  4. Colbert "Defends" the Paul Ryan Budget (
      Colbert "defends" the Republican budget proposal from a "Christian" point of view. 05-12

  5. Differences Between British and American Humor (
      Americans "applaud ambition and openly reward success. Brits are more comfortable with lifeís losers. We [Brits] embrace the underdog until itís no longer the underdog.We like to bring authority down a peg or two. Just for the hell of it." 11-11

  6. Editorial: Will "SNL" Skit Hurt Obama? (CNN News)
      "In the comedy skit, the president is asked about unrealized campaign promises, including closing Gitmo, combating global warming, allowing openly gay people to serve in the military, withdrawing from Iraq, improving the status of the fight in Afghanistan, reforming health care and several others. On screen the response on a check list was: that each item was 'not done.' " Video 10-09

  7. Shatner Satirizes Palin, Palin Satirizes Shatner (ABC News)
      "Sarah Palin made a surprise appearance on 'The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien' on Friday ó and turned the tables on actor William Shatner."

      "In recent appearances on the late-night television show, Shatner has adopted a serious pose and recited some of Palin's less serious observations." 12-09

  8. Stewart and Colbert (
      "How two hosts went from faking news to making news."


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