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Roberts, John

  1. Bush Nominates Roberts for the Supreme Court (CNN News)
      "President Bush will select U.S. Circuit Judge John Roberts Jr. to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the nation's highest court, CNN has learned." 7-05

  2. Documents Reveal Positions of Roberts (CBS News)
      "A series of government documents surfaced Tuesday that shed light on U.S. Supreme Court nominee John Roberts's past, present and future." 8-05

  3. Editorial: Roberts, John G. (
      Provides a progressive view of the nominee for Supreme Court. "John G. Roberts, nominated by President Bush to a seat on the United States Court Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, has a record of hostility to the rights of women and minorities. He has also taken controversial positions in favor of weakening the separation of church and state and limiting the role of federal courts in protecting the environment. The Alliance for Justice opposes his nomination to the D.C. Circuit." 7-05

  4. Issues Over Past Documents by Roberts (CBS News)
      "Risking a showdown with Democrats, the White House said Tuesday it won't release documents that Supreme Court nominee John Roberts prepared while working on cases to argue on behalf of the first Bush administration before the high court." 7-05

  5. Memos Question Right of Privacy (
      "Memos U.S. Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts wrote two decades ago questioning whether there is a constitutional right to privacy will likely draw scrutiny at his Senate confirmation hearings." 8-05

  6. New Documents on Roberts Released (CBS News)
      "Supreme Court nominee John Roberts as a young government lawyer pushed for a limited Supreme Court role on hot-button issues in the 1980s such as death penalty appeals, newly released documents show." 8-05

  7. Roberts, John G. (
      "It's expected that a Roberts confirmation would shift the court sharply to the right."

      "Conservatives have applauded the nomination. In Virginia Beach, television evangelist Pat Robertson said in a statement that Roberts was at the top of his own list of candidates for the court vacancy." 7-05

  8. Roberts, John G. - Biography (
      "He was selected as President Bush's nominee to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court of the United States." 7-05


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