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Mother Teresa

  1. Mother Teresa Resources (
      Provided links to a short biography.

  1. -08-23-07 Amazing Confessions of Mother Teresa (
      "Come Be My Light is that rare thing, a posthumous autobiography that could cause a wholesale reconsideration of a major public figure one way or another. It raises questions about God and faith, the engine behind great achievement, and the persistence of love, divine and human. That it does so not in any organized, intentional form but as a hodgepodge of desperate notes not intended for daylight should leave readers only more convinced that it is authentic and that they are, somewhat shockingly, touching the true inner life of a modern saint." 07-07

  1. Mother Teresa (BBC News)
      "Mother Teresa captured the imagination of the world with her dedication to the poor. In 1979, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of 'the throwaway of society'." 10-03

  2. Mother Teresa (CNN - Bindra)
      Reports that the Pope has confirmed a miracle performed by praying to Mother Teresa, a step toward sainthood in the Catholic tradition. Also describes the steps for sainthood. 9-02

  3. Mother Teresa - Biography and Words (
      Provides a biography and inspirational words from Mother Teresa.

  4. Mother Teresa Beatification (BBC News)
      "Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have thronged into St Peter's Square in Rome to witness the beatification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta." 10-03


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