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Jackson, Mahalia
Jackson, Michael
Joan of Arc
Johnson, Lyndon
Jordan, Barbara
Keller, Helen
Kennedy, Edward (Ted)
Kepler, Johannes
King, Coretta Scott
King, Martin Luther
Kyi, Aung Suu
LaLanne, Jack
Lennon, John
Louis, Joe

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      "Ray Kurzweil can't wait to be a Cyborg—a human mind inside an everlasting machine. But is this the next great leap in human evolution, or just one man's midlife crisis writ large?" 04-09

  1. Jackson, Helen Hunt (Gale Group)
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  2. Joyner-Kersee, Jackie (Sports Illustrated)
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  4. Kennedy, Robert F. (
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  5. Key, Francis Scott ( - Streufert)
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  6. Khans, Sorghaghtani Beki, Mother of the Great Khans (Women in World History Curriculum - Reese)
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  8. King, Billie Jean (Sports Illustrated)
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  10. Koppel, Ted (
      "After 25 years as the host of ABC's Nightline, news anchor Ted Koppel is retiring. Nightline started out in March 1980 as extended news coverage of the hostage crisis in Iran."

      "An instant success, the nightly news magazine became a fixture of late-night television, covering a wide range of hard-hitting topics of the day. Koppel has won 37 Emmys and 6 Peabody Awards, as well as many other honors. Koppel joined ABC News in 1963." 11-05

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  14. Lin, Maya Ying (Gale Group)
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  15. Linkletter, Art (
      "Art Linkletter, the easygoing, smooth-voiced emcee famed for his long-running hosting gigs of the radio and television shows 'House Party' and 'People Are Funny,' and author of 'Kids Say the Darndest Things,' has died, according to his spokeswoman." 05-10

  16. Literature Nobel Laureates Since 1900 (Nobel Foundation)
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  17. Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (Bibliomania - Simmonds)
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  18. Luther, Martin (Peterson)
      Provides a detailed biography and a drawing. 6-04

  19. Peter Jennings Remembered (ABC News)
      "Jennings was born in Canada and started reporting for ABC News in 1964. He was named anchor and senior editor of "World News Tonight" in 1983." 08-15

  20. The Career of Steve Jobs (
      "As the Apple CEO steps down, TIME takes a look at Steve Jobs' storied, visionary career. 08-11


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