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Franklin, Benjamin

  1. Franklin, Benjamin - Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (Infomotions)
      Provides online text. 6-02

Lesson Plans
  1. Franklin, Benjamin (Houghton Mifflin Co.)
      Provides a lesson plan on the life of Franklin. 3-00

  2. Franklin, Benjamin (
      Provides eight lesson plans. 9-05

  1. Franklin, Benjamin (CBS News)
      Provides a focus on his practical inventions. 12-05

  2. Franklin, Benjamin (Franklin Institute)
      Provides a biography, a family tree, resources, contributions by field and more.

  3. Franklin, Benjamin (Franklin Institute)
      Provides sources of information on the life of Franklin. 3-00

  4. Franklin, Benjamin (Ima Hero)
      Provides a short biography for children. 8-01

  5. Franklin, Benjamin (
      Provides a biography. 9-05


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