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Ancient Minoans

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  1. Knossos (
      "Knossos... pronounced NOH-sos, with silent k... alternative spellings Knossus, Cnossus, Gnossus, Greek... is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete, probably the ceremonial and political center of the Minoan civilization and culture. It is a popular tourist destination today, as it is near the main city of Heraklion and has been substantially if imaginatively "rebuilt", making the site accessible to the casual visitor in a way that a field of unmarked ruins is not." 12-06

  2. Minoan History (
      "The temperate climate of Crete with its short, mild winters and its dry, warm summers, along with the fertility of the Cretan plains produces sufficient food supplies to support an affluent local population, and for exports." 12-06

  3. Minoans (
      "The Minoans were a pre-Hellenic Bronze Age civilization in Crete in the Aegean Sea, flourishing from approximately 2700 to 1450 BC when their culture was superseded by the Mycenaean culture, which drew upon the Minoans. Based on depictions in Minoan art, Minoan culture is often characterized as a matrilinear society centered on goddess worship." 12-06

  4. Minoans and Atlantis (
      Explores the possibility that Atlantis was a Minoan culture that was destroyed by a tsunami. 12-15


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