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  1. Problem Solving Graphic Organizers (Freeman)
      Provides sources for mind mapping, concept maps, brainstorming and more.

  1. Brainstorming Web Graphic (Freeman)
      Provides a graphic and resources for working with brainstorming sessions, a part of the problem solving process.

  2. Problem Solving Graphic Organizers Index (Freeman)
      Provides graphics for working with brainstorming, comparing and contrasting, classifying, sequencing, showing causal relationships and decision making.

  1. Problem Solving Tools (McKenzie and Davis)
      Provides more than a dozen problem solving exercises organized by topic.

  2. Tools for Problem Solving (Mind Tools)
      Provides a sequence of tools, including critical path analysis, brainstorming, decision trees, force field analysis, PMI, and SWOT analysis. 1-01


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