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  1. Biographies (Library Spot)
      Provides links to biographies in nine categories, including Nobel Prize lauraetes, inventors, distinguished women, celebrities, inventors and notable citizens.

  2. Patents Search (
      "Search over 7 million patents."

  3. Patents Search (United States Patent and Trademark Office)
      Provides "full text of all US patents issued since January 1, 1976, and full-page images of each page of every US patent issued since 1790."

  1. Ford, Henry (CNN News)
      "But Ford's contributions reverberate far beyond his company's factories and boardrooms."

      "His policy towards employees -- most evident in his 1914 decision to essentially double the then-standard wage to $5 a day, while guaranteeing 8-hour shifts and a 5-day workweek -- rippled through the American economy. As other companies adopted this policy, more and more Americans had both the money and time to drive anywhere, anytime."

      " 'If it hadn't been for Henry Ford's drive to create a mass market for cars, America wouldn't have a middle class today,' wrote Iacocca."

      "Increased travel spurred appeals for better and more roads, the development of suburbs, the oil industry's rise and a boom in gas stations, strip malls and motels."

      "But the assembly line itself had the biggest impact on American society, Hyde contended, in making possible the swift, mass production of everything from computers to 'fast food.' "

      "Ford deserves credit for the mass consumption society in which products that people want can be produced so that they are affordable and abundant." 8-04

  2. Inventors ( - Bellis)
      Provides information about inventions and inventors.

  3. Inventors Handbook (MIT - Lemelson)
      Provides an introduction for aspiring inventors.

  4. Inventors Resources (MIT - Invention Dimension)
      Provides introductory materials, resources for inventors, contests, and more.

  5. Inventors: Mothers of Invention (
      Toyota provided funding for women leaders in innovation.

  6. Kamen, Dean (Texas Instruments)
      "Kamen sees the lack of appreciation for science in America as a problem - but that's not to say he's calling for a revamping of the educational system. In his view, more teachers, textbooks, PCs, and Internet access won't get students jazzed about learning. 'They need to have access to challenging, hands-on projects that result in a tangible product' - like building robots. And they need role models - engineers - to assist them." 03-06

  7. Millions From a Mop (ABC News)
      "Joy Mangano's ride from rags to riches all started with a mop, a special mop." 04-06

  8. US Patent and Trademark Office
  1. Connecting to the World and Inventions (
      Provides over a dozen creative projects for K-6 grade. 2-02

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  1. Custom Manufacturing (
      Provides software to create the design you wish to have manufactured. Awesome Library does not endorse this service, but shows it as an example. 8-04


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