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  1. Teleportation Is Real (
      "Depending on your favorite sci-fi yarns, teleportation is either a very, very bad idea (see: The Fly) or a very, very cool one (see: Star Trek). For scientists, it's just very, very complex, so much so that at this point, teleportation is not a matter of moving matter, but of transporting information. Already, physicists have been able to exchange information between light particles or photons or between atoms so long as they were right next to each other. The current experiment marks the first in which information has traveled a significant distance 1 meter, or a little less than 3 ft. between two isolated atoms." 01-09

  2. Teleportation Successful (Scientific American)
      "Scientists report today in the journal Nature that they have successfully teleported photons more than 600 meters across the famous waterway."

      "The results indicate that quantum teleportation is feasible over long distances and under real-world conditions, the scientists say. 'Our result,' they write, 'is a step towards the implementation of a quantum repeater, which will enable pure entanglement to be shared between distant parties in a public environment and eventually on worldwide scale.' " 8-04


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