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Feynman Diagrams

  1. Feynman Diagrams (
      Provides software to draw Feynman diagrams used in particle physics. 01-06

  1. Feynman Diagrams (
      Provides the Feynman diagrams used in particle physics. "Richard Feynman was the physicist who developed the method still used today to calculate rates for electromagnetic and weak interactionGlossary Term particle processes. The diagrams he introduced provide a convenient shorthand for the calculations. They are a code physicists use to talk to one another about their calculations." 01-06

  2. Feynman Diagrams (
      "A Feynman diagram is a method for performing calculations in quantum field theory, invented by American physicist Richard Feynman. They are also (rarely) referred to as Stückelberg diagrams or (for a subset of special cases) penguin diagrams." 01-06

  3. Feynman Diagrams (Wolfram Research)
      "In order to visualize and describe quantum electrodynamical interactions, physicist Richard P. Feynman Eric Weisstein's World of Biography introduced an ingenious schematic form of drawing now called a Feynman diagram. In such a diagram, all particles are represented by lines, with straight lines representing fermions and wavy lines representing bosons (except for the Higgs boson, which is usually represented by a dashed line, and gluons, which are usually represented by loops)." 01-06


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