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CPT Symmetry

  1. CPT Symmetry (
      "Charge, Parity and Time Reversal are the symmetries resulting from the structure of space and the counting process." 01-06

  2. CPT Symmetry (LBL.giv)
      "There are fundamental reasons for expecting that nature at a minimum has CPT symmetry–that no asymmetries will be found after reversing charge, space, and time. Therefore, CP symmetry implies T symmetry (or time-reversal invariance). One can demonstrate this symmetry by asking the following question. Suppose you had a movie of some physical process. If the movie were run backwards through the projector, could you tell from the images on the screen that the movie was running backwards? Clearly in everyday life there would be no problem in telling the difference. A movie of a street scene, an egg hitting the floor, or a dive into a swimming pool has an obvious 'time arrow' pointing from the past to the future. But at the atomic level there are no obvious clues to time direction. An electron orbiting an atom or even making a quantum jump to produce a photon looks like a valid physical process in either time direction. The everyday 'arrow of time' does not seem to have a counterpart in the microscopic world–a problem for which physics currently has no answer." 01-06

  3. CPT Symmetry (
      "CPT symmetry is a fundamental symmetry of physical laws under transformations that involve the inversions of charge, parity and time simultaneously. Efforts in the late 1950s revealed the violation of P-symmetry by some phenomena that involve weak nuclear force fields, and there are well known violations of C-symmetry and T-symmetry as well. For a short time, the CP-symmetry was believed to be preserved by all physical phenomena, but that was later found to be false too. There is a theorem that derives the preservation of CPT symmetry for all of physical phenomena assuming the correctness of quantum laws."

      "The implication of CPT symmetry is that a mirror-image of our universe—with all objects having momenta and positions reflected by an imaginary plane (corresponding to a parity inversion), with all matter replaced by antimatter (corresponding to a charge inversion), and reversed in time—would evolve exactly like our universe. At any moment, the two universes would be identical, and the CPT transformation would simply turn one into the other. CPT symmetry is recognized to be a fundamental property of physical laws." 01-06


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