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Lesson Plans
  1. The Physics of Baseball (KQED)
      Baseball can be used as a vehicle to teach physics. Newton’s second law states that an object will move with constant velocity until a force is exerted on it. The force at which the baseball hits the bat depends on the mass of the ball and how fast the speed of the ball changes. A pitched ball is going fastest when it leaves the pitcher’s hand, because air friction slows it down as it approaches the batter. Newton’s third law states that whenever one object exerts force on a second object, the second exerts an equal and opposite force on the first. When the ball hits the bat, the bat applies a force on the ball that equals that of the ball on the bat. Even though these forces are equal and opposite, there is a net force on the ball because the forces act on different bodies." 07-07

  1. Motions - How They Work (Sprott)
      Describes how different motions operate. 1-02


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