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Pleistocene Period

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  1. Mammoths (
      Provides a diagram, description, and research on the woolly mammoth. Sometimes misspelled as wooly mamoths. 5-01

  2. Pleistocene Animals (Illinois State Museum)
      Provides articles and pictures.

  3. Pleistocene Period of Time (Museum of Paleontology)
      Covers 1.8 to 11,000 thousand years ago. 4-02

  4. Rhinoceros - Woolly (
      Provides a diagram and description. May also be misspelled as rinoserous, rhinoserus, rhinoscerous, rinocerous, rhinoserous, rhinoserus, or rhinocerus. 5-01

  5. Saber-Toothed Tigers (
      Provides a diagram, description, and an animation of the skull of the saber-toothed cat. May also be misspelled as sabre tooth. 5-01

  6. Sloth - Giant Ground Sloth (
      Provides a diagram and a description. 5-01


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