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Extinction Level Event

Near Earth Objects

  1. Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction Event (
      The earth is in the middle of its sixth extinction level event according to Dr. Thomas Brooks of Conservation International. 12-09

  1. Extinction Level Event (National Geographic)
      "Scientists studying the fallout from a huge asteroid that crashed into Earth 65 million years ago have gained better understanding of the event that most likely took out the dinosaurs and much other life on the planet."

      "The asteroid that created the Chicxulub (pronounced CHEEK-shoo-loob) crater, located on the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, was probably more than 6 miles (10 kilometers) wide, researchers estimate. The resulting crater was 110 to 125 miles (180 to 200 kilometers) wide and very deep. Today it is buried under several miles of limestone and is mostly underwater."

  2. Extinction Level Event (
      "An extinction event (also extinction-level event, ELE) occurs when a large number of species die out in a relatively short period of time. Based on the fossil record, the background rate of extinctions on Earth is about two to five taxonomic families of marine invertebrates and vertebrates every million years."

      "The classical 'Big Five' mass extinctions identified by Raup and Sepkoski (1982) are widely agreed upon as some of the most significant: End Ordovician, Late Devonian, End Permian, End Triassic, and End Cretaceous." 03-06

  3. Extinction Level Event Lessons (
      "Antarctica served as a climatic refuge for animals during the world's largest known, and probably global warming-fueled, mass extinction event, according to new research that focused on one scrappy survivor."

      "The newly identified animal, Kombuisia antarctica, may not have been able to take the heat at the end of the Permian period 252 million years ago, so it moved to the cooler end of the earth." 03-06

  4. Giant Crater Found (MSNBC News)
      "Scientists have discovered a huge crater in the Saharan desert, the largest one ever found there." 03-06


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