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General Science


Also Try
  1. Math
  1. Ask the Mad Scientist
  2. Ask the Science Teacher
  3. NSTA Home Page
  1. Games Related to Science (Ontario Science Centre - SciZone)
      Provides interactive games related to science and technology. 8-01

Lesson Plans
  1. Science Lesson Plans (Awesome Library)
      Many of the Science lesson plans are in the "Lessons and Curricula" of the Awesome Library.

  1. Aurora Page
  2. National Science Foundation
      Provides science news, funding opportunities, and more. 10-09

  3. Science (
      Provides resources by topic. 12-07

  4. Science (NCREL)
      Provides resources by the name of the resource.

  5. Search Engine (
      Provides searches. 10-09

  6. Smithsonian Institution
      Provides articles. 10-09

  7. WWW Virtual Library: Science 3-00
  1. Aligning Standards Across the Curriculum
  2. Science and Math Videos (Annenberg)
      Provides videos through the free Annenberg Channel.

  1. Scientific Safari (Scientific American)
  1. New Scientist Magazine
      Provides news stories on pioneering efforts in science. 3-00

  1. Essays in Teaching Science (Access Excellence)
      Provides essays for teachers of science. 2-00

  2. Glassblowing for Science (East Carolina University)
      Provides comprehensive information on glassblowing, used for scientific containers. 7-99

  3. Glossary - Science (Houghton Mifflin -
      Provides a glossary of general science terms. 8-00.

  4. How Stuff Works (BYG Publishing - Brain)
      Provides diagrams and explanations on how auto engines, computers, televisions, and other stuff work.

  5. KidScience (Mining Company - Olson)
      Provides a well organized site of carefully chosen resources.

  6. Men and Women of Science (University of Michigan)
      Provides biograpical information on leading contributors to science. Presents the information at three levels of difficulty and by time period.

  7. Science Factsheets for the Family (NASA - Spaceplace)
      Provides 10 factsheets related to exploration of space. 3-00

  8. Science Information (Discovery)
  9. Smithsonian Institute Educational Resources (Smithsonian)
  1. Discover Magazine (The Walt Disney Company)
      Provides science articles and science news.

  2. Nature 2-00
  3. Science Friday
      Provides new science stories each week.

  4. Science
      Provides science news. 10-09

  5. Scientific American
      Provides science articles. 10-09

  6. Why Files (University of Wisconsin)
      Provides articles in science for older children and young adults. 10-09

  1. Discovery Channel
  2. Kid's Science Projects (Bill B)
  3. Move the Robot
  4. Radios - Building an AM Radio (Xtal Set Society)
      Provides instructions and diagrams for building a complete crystal radio in a Quaker Oats box. 9-99

  5. Science Activities for the Family (NASA - Spaceplace)
      Provides 12 activities related to exploration of space. 9-01

  6. Science Experiments for the Family (NASA - Spaceplace)
      Provides 11 activities related to science or the exploration of space. 9-01

  7. Science Explanations and Activities (NASA - Jet Propulsion Lab)
      Provides activities to help understand science. 3-00

  8. Science Facts (NASA - Jet Propulsion Lab)
      Provides activities to help understand science. 3-00

  9. Science Projects (Exploratorium)
      Provides dozens of science experiments. 3-00

  10. Science Projects ( - Dirtmeister)
      "Get your hands on science with a fun experiment from the Dirtmeister and make science come alive in your classroom!" 07-06

  11. Science Projects 1 (Beaty)
      The Science Project provides three dozen projects, sorted by level of difficulty.

  12. Science Projects 2 (Beaty)
      The Science Project provides three dozen additional projects, sorted by level of difficulty.

  13. Science Projects 3 (Beaty)
      Provides 10 sources of information on science projects.

  14. Science Projects for the Family (NASA - Spaceplace)
      Provides 10 projects to build related to exploration of space. 3-00

  15. Showbiz Science Experiments (Education World - Cobb)
      Provides interesting experiments for children and teens to perform. 02-19

  16. Structure Within the Atom
  17. Teacher's Guide to Student-Built Experiments (Exploratorium)
      Provides over a dozen projects. 3-02

Purchase Resources
  1. Exploration Projects (Jason Project)
      Provides interactive projects for students using the technology of "telepresence." "The JASON Project is a non-profit educational organization working in partnership with teachers, students, corporations, educational institutions and government to inspire in students a lifelong passion to pursue learning in science, math and technology through exploration and discovery." 5-02

  1. Hotlist: Virtual Exhibits
  2. Natural History (Smithsonian)
  3. New Mexico Museum of Natural History 11-00
  4. Science Museum (Chicago Museum of Science and Industry)
  5. Search the Smithsonian Natural History Web

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