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Water Pumps

  1. Locating Broken Water Pumps (CNN News)
      "Water pumps can save lives -- but only if they work. "

      "That's the seemingly obvious idea behind a new smartphone app, called Flow, that lets people in the developing world snap pictures of water pumps that are broken."

      "Other apps have aimed to accomplish similar things with geo-tagged data. SeeClickFix, for example, lets people report problems with city infrastructure, from potholes in the road to problems with subway cars. An app called Project Noah enables 'citizen scientists' to snap pictures and log information about nature and wildlife, which professional scientists could use in research." 10-10

  2. Locating Broken Water Pumps (
      "FLOW is a dynamic new Water For People baseline and monitoring tool that allows us to get a clear view of what’s working, what’s on the verge of disrepair, and what’s broken. Not only will Water For People use the data to make better programming decisions, but governments, partners, donors and the public can also easily monitor projects and take action when necessary. Plus, the data is easy to gather, share and understand allowing us to build better solutions for a lasting impact." 10-10

  3. Sustainable Water Pumps (
      "Pump Aid tackles poverty by working with local communities to establish sustainable supplies of clean water for improved health and increased agricultural production."

      "No other organisation can secure a sustainable supply of clean water for a school in Africa at a cost of just £250. This is because money given to Pump Aid goes directly to where it is needed." 09-07

  4. Sustainable Water Pumps: Solar (
      Provides practical instructions on sizing a solar-powered water pump.


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