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Water Pasteurizing

  1. Solar Cooking Boxes (
      Shows how to build a solar cooker using a cardboard box. "Research has found that 36% of the world's fuelwood needs (or 350 million tonnes of wood per year, according to UNICEF) could be replaced by solar box cookers, saving 500 kg of wood per family per year, equalling millions of trees."

      "Indoor smoke pollution now ranks 8th in health burden worldwide (lost years of healthy life), and ranks fourth in the "least-developed" countries (which make up about 40% of the world population) according to the World Health Organization's World Health Report 2002."

      "The WHO says diseases spread through contaminated water cause 80% of the world's illnesses. Solar box cookers can pasteurize drinking water: heating water to 65 deg C for six minutes destroys disease organisms, and this temperature is easily achieved with solar box cookers."

  1. Homemade Water Pasteurizer (
      Provides directions that use a soda bottle and a soda can. 01-07

  2. Water Pasteurizers (
      "Pasteurization is the process of disinfecting food or liquids by heat or radiation. Disinfection means the destruction of disease-causing microorganisms." Awesome Library does not endorse these products but provides them as examples. 01-07


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