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Water Leaks

  1. America's Water Infrastructure Crisis (
      "Rep. Earl Blumenauer called for a Clean Water Trust Fund at a rally today in support of buttressing America's aging infrastructure."

      "Organized by Food & Water Watch, the rally highlighted a number of ills facing the country's water and sanitation systems. The average American pipe is 33 years old, while 72,000 miles of pipe are 80 years or older. Holding up today's Washington Post with a story detailing how a failed water main impeded efforts to fight a fire in a city neighborhood, group President Wenonah Hauter announced that it's 'time Congress does something about the water infrastructure crisis we're facing.' " 10-07

  2. Leaks Are a Major Problem in the U.S. Water Supply (Christian Science Monitor)
      "The City of Brotherly Love, with possibly the oldest water system in the nation, cannot account for about 85 million gallons of water a day, or about 30 percent of what the city sucks up from the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers. In fact, almost every major city in the East is faced with this problem: US water systems lose about 15 percent of the 40 billion gallons of water per day that flow through the municipal pipelines, estimates the United States Geological Survey."

      " 'Leakage is one of the major problems for the US water supply,' says Earl Spangenberg, a professor at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point and an authority on water issues. 'Almost every metro area has this kind of problem. What determines the extent of the problem is the age of the distribution network and the fact that cracks and leaks happen in any system.' " 10-07

  3. Stopping Municipal Water Leaks (Christian Science Monitor)
      "Though finally solved, the mystery of the creek that was a leak is an example of how utility districts in the US can't account for 6 billion gallons of drinking water each day. If all that lost water were collected over the course of a year, it would fill Gatun Lake, the huge reservoir that feeds the Panama Canal."

      "Georgia recently began requiring counties seeking water-withdrawal permits to first check their waterworks for leaks. Three other states, including Tennessee, are tightening water audit requirements, and the American Water Works Association (AWWA) has persuaded 300 communities to take part in a public-service campaign called 'Only Tap Water Delivers,' in part prompted by mounting water losses." 10-07


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