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  1. Duckweed for Wastewater (
      "Due to its high affinity for absorbing pollutants in wastewater, Stomp posed a hypothetical scenario where the use of duckweed by farmers could mutually benefit a city willing to provide wastewater effluent for fresh water reuse. For example, a farmer could pay the city or municipality for its wastewater and have it transported to his farm, a concept that some people refer to as duckweed-based wastewater treatment, Stomp says. The farmer could take that wastewater and mix it with his livestock wastewater to dilute it so that it can be used to grow duckweed, which would clean the water and the farmer could sell it back to the municipality for reuse."

      "Duckweed can also reduce algae growth (by shading), coliform bacteria counts and mosquito larvae on ponds, while concentrating heavy metals, capturing or degrading toxic chemicals and encouraging the growth of other aquatic animals such as frogs or fowl. Additionally, duckweed is one of the fastest growing plant species on the planet. Scientists are also beginning to unlock duckweed’s potential as a player in carbon cycling and carbon sequestration." 06-09

  2. Duckweed for Wastewater (
      "Research funded by the North Carolina Biofuels Center suggests that duckweed could turn into the major industrial crop of the 21st century. It boasts the dual abilities to flourish in wastewater, uptaking nutrients before they leach or volatilize (purifying water in the process), and to produce 5 or 6 times the amount of starch as corn – making it a superior candidate for alternative energy."

      "Researchers see potential for the small aquatic plant to play a major role in cleaning up animal waste at industrial hog farms, producing energy in the process." 06-09


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