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  1. Evaluation of Solar Cookers (Ashok)
      Describes results of the evaluation of several designs for solar cookers. 10-04

  2. Solar Cookers - Parabolic Resources (Ashok)
      Describes parabolic solar cooking devices. 10-04

  3. Solar Cooking Resources (
      Provides comprehensive resources for inexpensive, hand-made solar cookers. 10-04

  4. Solar Cooking Resources (
      Provides sources of information on solar cooking.

  1. Cardboard Boxes Make Solar Oven (CNN News)
      "When Jon Bohmer sat down with his two little girls for a simple project they could work on together, he didn't realize they'd hit upon a solution to one of the world's biggest problems for just $5: A solar-powered oven." 04-09

  2. Solar Cooking Boxes (
      Shows how to build a solar cooker using a cardboard box. "Research has found that 36% of the world's fuelwood needs (or 350 million tonnes of wood per year, according to UNICEF) could be replaced by solar box cookers, saving 500 kg of wood per family per year, equalling millions of trees." 10-04

  3. Solar Cooking Facts (
      Provides basic facts for efficient solar cooking and boiling water. (Water can also be made safe by heating it to only 150 degrees for 20 minutes, pasteurizing it rather than boiling it.)

  1. Homemade Water Pasteurizer (
      Provides directions that use a soda bottle and a soda can. 01-07

  2. Making a Box Solar Cooker (
      Describes how to make a box solar cooker. 10-04

  3. Solar Cooking Boxes Instructions (
      Provides instructions for building a Cookit solar cooker from aluminum foil, a sheet of cardboard, and a plastic bag. Also shows design for making a frame for the plastic to keep from damaging it on the hot pot and a device for lifting the pot up to improve heating efficiency. 10-04

  4. Solar Cooking Design for Villages (
      Provides the design for a very effective solar oven, using foil, cardboard, and plastic.

  5. Solar Cooking Designs for Villages (
      Provides a variety of designs for a very effective solar ovens, using primarily foil, cardboard, and plastic.

  6. Solar Cooking Hints (
      Describes how to cook different foods in a solar cooker. 10-04

  7. Solar Oven Experiment (Ethan)
      Provides results of a student experiment on inexpensive (homemade) solar ovens. Found that adding a steel plate inside of a solar oven makes it hotter and also keeps it hotter longer. Also found that a shiny interior results in higher heat than a dark interior color. The oven used a cardboard box inside a cardboard box, covered with a plastic baking bag, to collect and store heat. Suggested improvements included adding another layer or two of cardboard boxes (for increased insulation), another layer of baking bag, and angling the interior surfaces to focus heat more directly on the food to be cooked. 6-01

Purchase Resources
  1. Solar Cooking Boxes (
      Sells the Cookit for $25. Sells other solar cookers also.


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