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Nuclear Waste

  1. News Related to Problems With Nuclear Power Plants (
      "Nearly three decades after they banded together for a series of "No Nukes" concerts that yielded an album and movie, musicians Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and Graham Nash have revived their protest of nuclear power." 10-07

  1. -84-Year-Old Nun Gets 3 Years for Anti-Nuclear Protest (MSNBC News)
      "Sister Megan Rice, an 84-year-old nun, was sentenced to 35 months in prison for her role in a protest at a Tennessee nuclear facility."

      "Rice was found guilty in May, along with fellow anti-nuclear activists Greg Boertje-Obed and Michael Walli, of destroying U.S. government property and causing more than $1,000 in damage to federal property. In the early morning of July 28, 2012, the three activists cut through a chain link fence at the perimeter of the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee."

      "While at the nuclear facility, touted as one of the nationís most secure and tightly monitored, Rice, Boertje-Obed, and Walli cut through three more chain-link fences to reach a nuclear weapons storage bunker, on which they hung banners and painted messages." 02-14

  2. Hanford Gets Stimulus Dollars for Disposing of Nuclear Waste (CNN News)
      "The federal government has set aside nearly $2 billion in stimulus funds to clean up Washington state's decommissioned Hanford nuclear site, once the center of the country's Cold War plutonium production." 01-10

  3. Hanford, Washington Site (
      "The Hanford Site is a facility of the government of the United States established to provide plutonium necessary for the development of nuclear weapons. It was established in 1943 as the Hanford Engineer Works, part of the Manhattan Project, and codenamed "Site W." No longer used to produce plutonium, it is currently the United States' most contaminated nuclear site." 08-07

  4. Nuclear Fuel Compared to Other Fuels (World Nuclear Association)
      Discusses use of nuclear energy. Provides information about how radioactive waste can be managed and compares nuclear pollution to other fuel sources.

  5. Nuclear Fuel Disposal (International Herald Tribune - Wald)
      Describes methods to make disposal of nuclear fuel safer. Also describes a proposal to use super-ceramics to shield the fuel. 7-02

  6. Nuclear Fuel Waste Disposal (PBS - National Technical Information Service)
      Describes nuclear waste disposal options. 2-01

  7. Nuclear Fuel Waste Disposal Problems at Rocky Flats (PBS)
      Discusses problems and progress in cleaning up the nuclear storage facility at Rocky Flats. 2-01

  8. Nuclear Power and Pollution ( - Cohen)
      Argues that nuclear power actually does generate significant amounts of carbon dioxide (to prepare the uranium) and produces other pollution and undesirable effects. 9-01

  9. Nuclear Waste (World Nuclear Association)
      Provides information about processing nuclear waste..

  10. Nuclear Waste Facility Broken into by 84-year-old Nun (CNN News)
      "An 84-year-old nun and two other peace activists are expected to learn their fate Tuesday, when they are sentenced for breaking into a nuclear facility."

  11. Nuclear Waste Stolen in Mexico (CBS News)
      "Mexico's nuclear safety agency has appealed to the public for help locating a truck stolen near the capital while transporting potentially dangerous radioactive medical waste." 12-13

  12. Peril Among the Navajos (LA Times)
      "The government has never conducted a comprehensive study of the health effects of uranium mining on the reservation. But individual scientists working on their own have documented sharply elevated cancer rates near old mines and mills. High concentrations of uranium, arsenic and other heavy metals have been found in one out of five drinking-water sources sampled." 11-06

  13. Radioisotopes and Nuclear Energy (Uranium Information Centre)
      Provides information about how radioisotopes can help with sterilization, insect control, fertilization, therapy, diagnosis, measurement, and other uses.


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